Bean Around Books was founded in 2011 by Maple Ridge’s Member of Parliament, Dan Ruimy. Dan had a vision to create a second-hand bookstore and café, focused on bringing his local community together to a destination where dialogue and conversation over books, coffee and tea would take place for people of all ages and walks of life. When Dan was elected in 2015 he chose to donate the café to a carefully selected non-profit organization that would continue with the spirit of his vision.

Pathfinder Youth Centre Society provides proven pathways and holistic support for unemployed at-risk youth, empowering them with essential skills and knowledge to overcome barriers to employment.

Bean Around Books now operates under a non-profit status, as a training facility where youth can gain work experience as baristas and enhance their customer service skills, in a work environment that is welcoming, neighbourly and community-oriented. It also provides volunteer opportunities to adults with disabilities giving them work experience and social skills. The café provides a measure of sustainability for Pathfinder’s mentorship program, so that the youth who are gaining work experience and hospitality job skills are helping to sustain the very program in which they are participating.

Learn how you can help today.

Drop by the café or any of the Pathfinder Youth Centre Society locations and donate non-perishable goods.

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