Who Drinks the Most Coffee in the World?

Canadians certainly love their coffee and it’s especially evident here in BC where you can find a good cafe almost on every busy corner. Sure, there’s a lot of typical commercial coffee shops out there like Tim Horton’s or Starbucks but more and more we’re seeing new cafe’s showing prominently like Bean Around Books offering premium specialty coffee that is ethically produced (and local) that coffee lovers are starting to prefer over the big brands. We’re not losing coffee shops we’re gaining them…

As much as we love coffee, I was pretty interested to see who in the world consumes coffee more than Canadians. Here’s the list I think you’ll find interesting too:

#10 – Canada consumes 6.5kg per capita. The Coffee Association of Canada have statistics to say it is the most commonly consumed beverage in the country.

#9 – Luxembourg also consumer 6.5kg per capita. The country is incredibly small but coffee is a big thing to them as consumers love to frequent small cafes in the city and have a coffee accompanied by their popular pastries.

#8 – Belgium consume 6.8kg per capita. Nope, it’s not all waffles and chocolate…coffee is very important to Belgium as they explain very aptly…they need something to drink to go with their waffles and chocolate. 🙂

#7 – Switzerland is where the consumption number jumps greatly as they are drinking 7.9kg of coffee per capita. Espresso drinks are the most popular and they too like share that coffee with a biscuit and some milk chocolate.

#6 – Sweden drinks 8.2kg per capita. Coffee is very serious to Swedes as meeting at a cafe is equally as common as going to a pub or social house. Coffee is said to be a Swedish way of life!

#5 – Netherlands consumes 8.4kg of coffee per capita. If you’ve ever been to Amsterdam it is not uncommon to see coffee being accompanied by a joint or vaporizer. Coffee and Cannabis has become quite the culture with the Dutch where they almost drink 2 cups of coffee every day.

#4 – Denmark, 8.7kg per capita. No Danish meal is complete without a coffee to finish it off. It has become a central focus during special occasions where coffee is always served with cookies, cakes and pastries. So that’s why we love grabbing a ‘danish’ with our coffee.

#3 – Iceland consumes 9kg per capita. They love doing that infamous clapping at sporting events but really it’s probably because they are all jacked up on coffee. Coffee is the most important drink to Icelanders as it’s not uncommon to drink 5 cups per day.

#2 – Norway drink 9.9kg per capita! That’s a lot of coffee as we see the trend amongst Scandinavian countries and ‘cold’ countries. Coffee warms the Nords at least twice every day served black with breakfast and then a sweeter version with dessert after dinner. You can expect 2-3 more during the work day too…Coffee cocktails are also a big thing!

#1 – Finland is the resounding winner of being the biggest consumers, drinking 12kg of coffee per capita!  Coffee is served all day in a Finnish home and in the workplace as you cannot walk into a building without a pot on the stove or counter. Coffee is almost consumed as much as water. It’s so important that coffee breaks are required by most (if not all) workers’ unions in the country.

So there you have it…if you were one of the many who said of course it’s the Italians or French…you were wrong but admittedly so was I. Coffee is a way of life for those in the North, so if we’re going to have another wild snowy winter here in Canada like we did last year, you might see our ranking go up a couple spots.


Tom Ciprian


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